My interest in art started as an 8-year-old kid sitting intently in my mom's art classes, curious about how she'd mix and merge colours to create brilliant masterpieces. Mum never commercialised her work, I suppose it's because she did it for herself. 

21 years later, I consider myself to be a self-taught illustrator and freelance artist. I've followed in Mum's footsteps when it comes to working on projects that genuinely bring me happiness, and this has led to me working with a lot of local and home-grown businesses, where you can clearly see that their heart and soul has gone into it. I try to bring some of their vision to life with my illustrations.

Shellsquiggles is my alter ego, I do have a full-time job which has nothing to do with design. People ask me if it's a hobby, but it's not. It's like when you're at a crossroads in life and trying to decide which career path to take and you want to do both. This is me living both lives.